Improve your digital performance monitoring

Challenge service levels

Check undertakings (SLA) of your providers

  • On-demand support for your suppliers and customers
  • Help with improving quality of service (ITIL - CSI)
  • A view of the achievement and exceeding of thresholds (SLO – Service Level Objectives)
  • Monitoring of compliance with global or local (time zone) SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
  • Availability rates
  • APM (Application Performance Management), NPM (Network Performance Management) and infrastructure performance management

Manage Cloud migrations

Measure performance of networks and/or applications in the cloud

  • Define the performance of each service
  • Have an assessment of delivered services prior to migration
  • Performance management dashboard: before, during and after migration
  • Receive help with acceptance testing during migration
  • Collate similar experiences in the user club to compile indicators to illustrate that “it was better before”!

Optimize Capacity

A view of uses and network capacity for all your locations

  • How many users are connected to my application?
  • What is my application’s load: number of e-mails, documents, etc.?
  • Traffic analysis: who uses my network’s bandwidth by local computer, remote site, application, cloud service
  • What is my application’s footprint on the network?
  • Does my application use the right network path?

Define applications incidents

Be sure that your apps get the best performance with bespoke scripts scenarios

  • Check that all the application prerequisites are still being met (APM – Application Performance Management)
  • Monitor or detect load increases
  • Standardize actual user response times
  • Ensure and monitor acceptable end user times
  • Detect shadow application use

Try the "MIP" view

A global monitoring platform: APM,NPM,DEM.

Approved use cases

From collaborative Saas application performance to network load, you’ll find wide opportunities with MIP Solution.

  • User experience : Focus on efficiency of end-users on their dekstop.
  • Be proactive : Accelerate problem solving by Service Desk with screenshots and videos.
  • Benchmark : Comparatif de vos résultats grâce à nos études internes et à l’expertise de nos équipes.
  • An increased visibility : Citrix, 100% Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, On-Premise, whatever is your architecture.
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