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Test your information system’s health for free

The MIP experts are offering you the chance to assess your information system’s overall health for free

Assessing the impact of a company’s information system on its performance is a very complex operation because every company has its own approach, depending on its core business, economic model and governance.

Test now

The Maltem Insight Performance software solution comes with a service offering and we really want you to take advantage of this comprehensive offer: together, we will establish its scope and duration.

The aim of this test is to make an initial assessment of your information system’s health: offering you a benchmark by means of reference values and assessing the performance level of your information system.

To do this, our experts will contact you to:

  • Learn more about your situation, your goals and your needs
  • Approve the approach linked to the assessment and create a measurement strategy
  • Roll out these measurements and collect the necessary data
  • Reconcile and format data
  • Analyze, interpret and benchmark the results

Thanks to our experts’ keen eyes, we can assess:

  • The performance of network components, infrastructure and applications
  • The stability of this performance
  • The service load and its evolution over time
  • If available tools are in line with the company’s governance
  • If tools are unifying (to avoid silos)
  • If the company is able to easily and instantly monitor commitments in terms of performance (SLA)

During this test phase, you can take advantage of our managed service support FOR FREE.

So don’t wait any longer: fill in the form and enjoy a free assessment.


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