Augmented Network Monitoring with AI

Predictive incident detection with AI

MARIA, AIOps component,  is a software which predicts the overloading of IT networks and automates the diagnosis of large-scale networks by using a real-time collection system. The aim is to help employees to work on preventing and resolving incidents, rather than detecting them.

MARIA is able to:

  • Predict overloading up to 8 hours in advance, using rich monitoring data. The accuracy rate varies between 70% and 90% on average.
  • Act early in the event of overloading reduces the time spent on resolving incidents by 1 to 2 hours.
  • Avoid network overloading which helps to limit the impact on sites: application performance and means of communication.

By calculating the cost in euros of the overloading to come, MARIA helps network teams to prioritize the handling of future incidents with regards to the impact on turnover.
It therefore puts business objectives at the heart of the decision-making process.


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What does MARIA do?


It predicts network overloading to better prevent/limit their adverse effects on the business.


It highlights incidents which are impossible to detect manually.


It provides IT teams with recommendations to help them to be more proactive.


It enables teams to work on resolving issues rather than detecting them.

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