After 6 years monitoring applications, networks, and user experiences on Citrix platforms, we did the administrative procedures to be officialy certified.

So, why monitoring your Citrix with MIP Solution ?

citrix ready monitoring IT

Benefits APM – NPM – DEM :

  • A complete monitoring of Citrix, applications, and networks
  • Manage and create useful reports
  • Easily share facts with users
  • Easily share information with teams in charge of Citrix farms and with applications teams
  • Quickly identify if the network is ready or not for the application
  • Keep teams focused on incident resolution

What we can do with Citrix monitoring:

  • Citrix performance and availability per server per instance
  • Applications performance:
    :: Check availability of applications delivered with Citrix
    :: Check performance of applications delivered with Citrix: Login to Citrix / Launch of the application / Navigation within the application
    :: Comparison of the application performance delivered with Citrix vs without Citrix
  • Specific measures : Application response-time and functional issues
  • Clear facts : Screenshot / Videos
  • Constructive analysis : Dashboards / Reports / Alerts (personalized)
  • Networks performance:
    :: Check availability of networks
    :: Check performance of networks with measures that matter in Citrix environment like latency, packet loss, jitter
  • Light deployment, no deployment on Citrix Servers, no intrusive

Find us on the Citrix marketplace  : MIP and Citrix

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