The Service Desk’s skilled workers are the main interface between different departments and their combined information system. The reactivity and the relevance of the diagnoses of the Service Desk will enable companies to correct any malfunctions as quickly as possible. That’s where a strategic report comes in: the Flash Report.

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The Flash Report is a Top Report, configured in particular detail with regards to the customer’s concerns and objectives. It analyzes both the network and applications. It checks that the priorities given to each class of service are adhered to.

Prioritizing video-conferences

If the customer has to attend many meetings via video-conference, it must be able to negotiate a prioritization of IP telephony and video with its operator. If these contractual commitments are not met and the company finds itself at a disadvantage (videos cutting out during meetings, a loss of sound or images, pixelation), it must be able to clearly prove such incidents so that the contract is properly fulfilled. The Flash Report proves the failure of the network.



Say no to excessive delays!

The Flash Report helps to assess packet loss (which causes latency). Where is the loss occurring? At the router? Is the problem internal or attributable to the operator? Where is the latency coming from? From Europe? From Asia?

The Flash Report accompanies data and other analytical graphics. Malfunctions are recorded via a clear and undeniable system for everyone, from the internal customer to the supplier.

Thanks to this Flash Report, the company has all the elements it needs to ask its provider to improve its product/service.

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