1 minute: that’s the maximum amount of patience in the digital world. Make users wait any longer than that and they move on. In other words, creating the perfect digital experience is a question of survival for a company. Digital performance includes measuring application performance and user experience through to governance.

But let’s look at things in order. First of all, success depends on the internal customer, which means making life easier for teams and providing them with a common goal. What is this goal? End customer satisfaction, and everyone in the company needs to work together to achieve this.

Internal governance

There is nothing like performance analysis to bring teams together. Companies, especially international ones, have a lot of people spread over numerous countries with very different cultures and who are organized into silos or skill sets. If these people do not communicate effectively, productivity suffers. So we need to help them to act efficiently in a common direction. Performance analysis is a pragmatic approach which gives meaning to actions.

The partnership we establish with our customers is based on this principle. We foster dialog with all the teams, regardless of their scope and speak the same language of technical performance and user experience. For us, performance is a method of governance.

Performance analysis as a reference value

Performance analysis, with end customer satisfaction as the main objective, can bring employees in different countries together. They all have their ways of working, points of view (production, support, quality, development), skills (network, application, functional) and priorities to manage. Our managed service ensures that these employees can focus on a common objective thanks to reference values and a unified vision. The common goal is first and foremost to satisfy internal and external customers (through IT performance).

Customer satisfaction as a governance area

If performance measurement is not connected closely enough to end customer satisfaction, what happens? Measurements are taken randomly and excessively. Individually, they often say that everything is fine despite the customer being dissatisfied. They measure performance but do not provide an adequate analysis. That is why we have developed tools which are able to measure and gather a variety of data from numerous sources to produce a 360-degree view which provides teams with the objective to achieve.

Our managed service, which we treat as a strong governance area, is rooted in users’ real experiences, which indicate whether or not it is efficient. It identifies causes of potential dissatisfaction even before they impact the business. Using precise measurements on the network and user experience analyses, we are able to align the different planets of the company and orchestrate a harmonious and efficient system.

Frédéric Leteurtre, Directeur des opérations

Frédéric Leteurtre, Operations Manager


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