Maltem Insight Performance, French IT supervision company for more than 10 years, announces the new interface of its unified monitoring solution named “MIP Solution”. With the MIP Solution, managed-service editor enhances its user-experience-oriented platform with a new design, but with many disruptive features as well. From application, network, or infrastructure performance, the all-in-one vision enables an easy management of KPIs and provides a proactive approach to IT teams.

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IT Monitoring market

According to Gartner, “by 2023, monitoring practices that rely on the “uptime” metric will inhibit 90% of transformation initiatives, due to its disengagement with the customer in an increasingly cloud-native IT environment.”*
As a response to this major challenge of adapting and innovating information system, Maltem Insight Performance focuses on performance from user’s point of view.

“With this global view, we have a positive contribution to IT teams cohesion, support companies in their digital transformation, and generate contributions that hide silos and thus, facilitate incident management.” says Frédéric Ribes, Service Delivery Manager at Maltem Insight Performance.

The interface is now UX-oriented, making it easier to read elements. Navigation between network and application indicators and metrics investigation allow a smooth inter-silo experience.

New issues for monitoring

This redesign initiative is not only focused on intuitive navigation. Features based on customer feedback and market analysis are also emerging:

Thanks to its new API, consumption of IT performance data meets automation and reporting needs, and therefore agility.

“While maintaining our personalized support for each customer and in a continuous improvement concern, we have made a leap forward on Digital Experience Management part through Insights features for iOs or Android with, for example, video replay of incidents; but without ever abandoning technical parts, or expertise that are our strength: new security measures, SD-Wan, or mobile.” explains Bruno Biscay, Project Director at Maltem Insight Performance.

In SaaS or on-premise, DEM and NPM unified customizable dashboards adapts to the processes of organizations, and structures global performance metrics of the IS.

Julien Castel, Product Director, continues: “We are satisfied to provide our customers a solution that can be used by as many people as possible, with a simple and relevant reading at the same time. A solution that integrates effortlessly into information system and improves user experience. We wanted to highlight good performance of IS, useful both for internal users and for IT teams who want to take a proactive approach.”

Maltem Insight Performance believes that strong involvement of its teams for this release will continue to contribute to the IT teams cohesion philosophy.

Few new key features:


  • Full orienté UX
  • TV mode
  • API
  • Integration of «labels» to provide more information to operators


  • An “Insight” functionality that allow the visualization of all relevant data of an application on the same page
  • Easy access to incident screenshots and video replays
  • Complete management of false positives
  • User scenarios on iOS and Android


  • Security measures: better analysis and understanding of the load on proxies/firewalls
  • Integration with SD-Wan platforms to measure performance of remote sites

Reminder of initials features:

  • Simple and complex scenarios
  • Screenshots and video replays
  • Cross-applications
  • Multi-device
  • Monitoring of SaaS and thick client
  • Measures via Citrix
  • Waterfall loading app
  • Analysis of uses and resources
  • Capacity planning
  • Traffic analysis
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Zscaler analysis

*Gartner “Monitoring Beyond 2020: Focus on Performance,” Pankaj Prasad, 5 Février 2019.

About Maltem Insight Performance :

Maltem insight Performance has been developing an in-house monitoring solution for more than 10 years. Base in Basque Country-France, this entity is part of Maltem international group’s ecosystem

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