Maltem Insight Performance & at Microsoft Experiences ’17.

Incidents and slowdowns affecting network infrastructures and applications have serious consequences for your organizations. But what if you could predict and prevent them?

That is the promise of MARIA (AI-augmented network management) artificial intelligence developed by MIP and Futurs based on data from a large French retail group.


Big data and machine learning

MARIA uses millions of indicators as well as big data and machine learning to optimize your teams’ actions, your network configuration and the detection of incidents before they have chance to affect your business.


Microsoft Expériences ’17

Microsoft Experiences gathers together the power of the digital intelligence ecosystem.

2 days of immersion to gain an overview and make your digital projects a reality.

MARIA is watching over you. Come and find out about it with its creators Maltem Insight Performance & at Microsoft Experiences ‘17 on October 3 and 4 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.



If you would like to meet us to find out more about our innovative projects, make an appointment with our Operational Marketing Manager: Sarah Elyafi

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