Eric Mengelle, Responsable scripts applicatifs chez MIP

Application scripts and digital transformation: our expert’s point of view

Application scripts are key tools for IT performance monitoring, particularly when it comes to the digital transformation of companies. They are essential for testing the transition from thick clients (local) to thin clients (web).

Analyse de la Performance applicative - APM

Application performance analysis in industry

Why is application performance measurement necessary but inadequate? Because although the measurement informs us, it does not enable us to interpret or anticipate. The ultimate aim of an information system is to aid growth by ensuring the right decisions are made at the right time. Imagine your trucks are stuck at the garage because they […]

Service managé : quelle solution pour optimiser son ROI ?

Managed service: which solution for optimizing ROI?

Faced with the numerous challenges of digital transformation, IT decision makers often have to choose between facilities management or potentially uncontrolled recruitment.

Guillaume Torresani, 42

42. Our trainee Guillaume Torresani tells us about himself…

Guillaume has come to us from 42, an innovative and atypical French school which is private, free of charge and open to everyone, with peer-to-peer learning focusing on collaborative projects and working.

Alaloop has a make-over to become… Maltem Insight Performance

Alaloop is completing its transformation in the group and changing its name to Maltem Insight Performance. The third subsidiary of the Maltem group is bold and attentive to the complex problems of the IT and Business decision makers it helps with their digital transformation on a daily basis.  

APM SeleniumConf UK 2016 Webdriver

SeleniumConf UK 2016

SeleniumConf brings together the creators, project participants and functional application testing enthusiasts of the open source “Selenium WebDriver”.