IT supervision combined with ITSM tools

The MIP Monitoring tool includes push & pull integratio with ITSM incident management software, such as ServiceNow or Service Anywhere. In this post, Julien Caslte, Product owner, explains benefits of information exchange betweet IT Supervision and IT Service Management.  What is an ITSM tool? ITSM (IT Service Management) is all the activities that enable IT […]

Something new in the MIP Solution – 08/06

Since the beginning of the year, we have been working hard to enhance the MIP Solution, and offer new IT supervision features. These were developed following our client’s feedbacks and personalized requests. Feel free to contact us at Maltem Insight Performance for additional information! A better view thanks to the evolution of dashboards Insights Scenarios […]

How insurance industry uses user experience to be proactive?

Insurers initially adopted, like banks, a closed Information System. With the emergence of InsurTech, historical players are now looking at “Open Insurance” by using modern architectures. In this way, they focus on new business lines following a diversification strategy. Changes in the insurance distribution model, now also involving white-label offers, are based on digital channel. […]

outils collaboratifs mo

Should you measure the performance of O365 and GSuite collaborative tools?

Microsoft O365 and Google Suite, leaders in collaborative tools. Within one team or on shared projects, collaborative tools have become essential to optimize resources, increase transparency, and lead to efficient work between employees. Whether you are looking for a solution that promote communication or facilitate tasks management, it must be available and fast. Collaborative tools […]

good resolutions performance IT 2020

4 Good resolutions to make for your information system

  Another year has ended, filled with new IT trends and emerging technologies. Many companies have made a good start to their digital transition, whether they are moving to a 100% Cloud or a hybrid target. This is why measurement of performance of the Information System on a global scope is becoming more and more […]

MIP Solution – The new interface

Maltem Insight Performance, French IT supervision company for more than 10 years, announces the new interface of its unified monitoring solution named “MIP Solution”. With the MIP Solution, managed-service editor enhances its user-experience-oriented platform with a new design, but with many disruptive features as well. From application, network, or infrastructure performance, the all-in-one vision enables […]

A great measurement strategy for an efficient monitoring

Today, most of companies have an Information System. As an interface for teams and technicals, its performance is directly linked to the organisation’s efficency. IS supervision becomes essential. But is this project being run in a good way?

signature service level agreement

SLA, Challenge your service providers !

As part of maintenance management contract, it’s now systematic to integrate a definition of service commitments, or SLAs, for Service Level Agreement. SLA can be a global contract, or a section of it. It defines contours of the service in an intelligible and understandable way, in order to identify appropriate evaluation citeria. It is crucial […]

How to minimize incidents and federate IT teams?

The priority for all IS departments is to minimize the risks of incidents and dissatisfaction. With an integrated collaborative IT performance management tool, you can reduce the level of uncertainty while improving the 360-degree view of your services.


Successfully migrate to the cloud by measuring service performance

If the cloud is well known for its flexibility and agility in theory, how can we make sure that migration is durable and stress-free in practice? Julien Castel, Product Owner at MIP, tells us how.