How insurance industry uses user experience to be proactive?

Insurers initially adopted, like banks, a closed Information System. With the emergence of InsurTech, historical players are now looking at “Open Insurance” by using modern architectures. In this way, they focus on new business lines following a diversification strategy. Changes in the insurance distribution model, now also involving white-label offers, are based on digital channel. […]

outils collaboratifs mo

Should you measure the performance of O365 and GSuite collaborative tools?

Microsoft O365 and Google Suite, leaders in collaborative tools. Within one team or on shared projects, collaborative tools have become essential to optimize resources, increase transparency, and lead to efficient work between employees. Whether you are looking for a solution that promote communication or facilitate tasks management, it must be available and fast. Collaborative tools […]

Supervision supporting user experience

Hyper-connectivity brings new requirements from all users. More than rapid execution of certain tasks, experience through applications must be intuitive, fluid, and therefore supported by powerful tools. Digital Experience Management or DEM is different from a simple network or application measurement. It allows to measure the real feeling of users.  In this complex digital movement, […]


Successfully migrate to the cloud by measuring service performance

If the cloud is well known for its flexibility and agility in theory, how can we make sure that migration is durable and stress-free in practice? Julien Castel, Product Owner at MIP, tells us how.

The service desk and the law of adaptation

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it’s the one most adaptable to change.”
Charles Darwin.
To illustrate this famous quote, let’s take BeMerryCorp, a company within the industrial sector, as an example. BeMerryCorp has international subsidiaries (head offices, warehouses, etc.), and its service desk must satisfy its employees and its partners (suppliers, B2B clients).

Capacity Planning: to optimize your Service Desk’s diagnostics

The Service Desk is at the heart of the Information Systems department and, more generally, of every company process. Its reactivity and the relevance of its diagnoses will condition its overall performance. Focus on capacity management: Capacity Planning.

Top Reports Netflow : un atout pour votre service desk !

Netflow Top Report: a real advantage for your service desk!

Because the service desk is essential to the company’s performance, its ability to respond to users must be optimized. Specific tools have been designed to make this easier: Netflow Top Report is one of them. What is this tool? What added value does it have? Interview with Frédéric Ribes, Service Desk Manager at Maltem Insight Performance.

Performance du Service Desk : factualiser l’origine de l’incident

The Service Desk’s performance: explaining the origins of an incident

Today, a company’s performance depends a great deal on its information system. That’s why the Service Desk is strategic.
It must ensure that the network and applications are working properly, offer good diagnostics and anticipate situations too! Here’s our 2-stage analysis:


ITIL Method and Governance

Digital performance accounts for half of a company’s success. So how can you achieve this essential performance? How does successful governance help to achieve it? And what if ITIL best practices could enable you to achieve your objectives?

Scripts applicatifs et ressenti utilisateurs : le regard d’une analyste

Application scripts and the user experience: an analyst’s view

Maltem Insight Performance creates application scripts to assess the user experience. IT engineer Ana Peñalba runs these scripts, which precisely simulate the user experience, and analyzes the obtained results.