IT supervision combined with ITSM tools

The MIP Monitoring tool includes push & pull integratio with ITSM incident management software, such as ServiceNow or Service Anywhere. In this post, Julien Caslte, Product owner, explains benefits of information exchange betweet IT Supervision and IT Service Management.  What is an ITSM tool? ITSM (IT Service Management) is all the activities that enable IT […]

Something new in the MIP Solution – 08/06

Since the beginning of the year, we have been working hard to enhance the MIP Solution, and offer new IT supervision features. These were developed following our client’s feedbacks and personalized requests. Feel free to contact us at Maltem Insight Performance for additional information! A better view thanks to the evolution of dashboards Insights Scenarios […]

How insurance industry uses user experience to be proactive?

Insurers initially adopted, like banks, a closed Information System. With the emergence of InsurTech, historical players are now looking at “Open Insurance” by using modern architectures. In this way, they focus on new business lines following a diversification strategy. Changes in the insurance distribution model, now also involving white-label offers, are based on digital channel. […]

Should you measure the performance of O365 and GSuite collaborative tools?

Microsoft O365 and Google Suite, leaders in collaborative tools. Within one team or on shared projects, collaborative tools have become essential to optimize resources, increase transparency, and lead to efficient work between employees. Whether you are looking for a solution that promote communication or facilitate tasks management, it must be available and fast. Collaborative tools […]

4 Good resolutions to make for your information system

  Another year has ended, filled with new IT trends and emerging technologies. Many companies have made a good start to their digital transition, whether they are moving to a 100% Cloud or a hybrid target. This is why measurement of performance of the Information System on a global scope is becoming more and more […]

Supervision supporting user experience

Hyper-connectivity brings new requirements from all users. More than rapid execution of certain tasks, experience through applications must be intuitive, fluid, and therefore supported by powerful tools. Digital Experience Management or DEM is different from a simple network or application measurement. It allows to measure the real feeling of users.  In this complex digital movement, […]

MIP Solution – The new interface

Maltem Insight Performance, French IT supervision company for more than 10 years, announces the new interface of its unified monitoring solution named “MIP Solution”. With the MIP Solution, managed-service editor enhances its user-experience-oriented platform with a new design, but with many disruptive features as well. From application, network, or infrastructure performance, the all-in-one vision enables […]

A great measurement strategy for an efficient monitoring

Today, most of companies have an Information System. As an interface for teams and technicals, its performance is directly linked to the organisation’s efficency. IS supervision becomes essential. But is this project being run in a good way?

SLA, Challenge your service providers !

As part of maintenance management contract, it’s now systematic to integrate a definition of service commitments, or SLAs, for Service Level Agreement. SLA can be a global contract, or a section of it. It defines contours of the service in an intelligible and understandable way, in order to identify appropriate evaluation citeria. It is crucial […]

How to minimize incidents and federate IT teams?

The priority for all IS departments is to minimize the risks of incidents and dissatisfaction. With an integrated collaborative IT performance management tool, you can reduce the level of uncertainty while improving the 360-degree view of your services.

Successfully migrate to the cloud by measuring service performance

If the cloud is well known for its flexibility and agility in theory, how can we make sure that migration is durable and stress-free in practice? Julien Castel, Product Owner at MIP, tells us how.

White Paper : Position your strategy for monitoring digital performance in 5 questions !

From simple client emails to inventory management on several continents, the Information System supports the daily life of the company. The performance measurement of IS is essential to make progress on these 2 challenges : optimizing information collection and accelerating decision-making.

We are officialy Citrix Ready !

After 6 years monitoring applications, networks, and user experiences on Citrix platforms, we did the administrative procedures to be officialy certified. So, why monitoring your Citrix with MIP Solution ?

Join us in The Netherlands

In the objective to develop his business, Maltem Insight Performance is leading 2 job offers for The Netherlands. 2 positions are currently available: Pre-sales manager: Job_Desc_PreSales Manager_NL Business manager: Job_Desc_Business Manager_NL

The Flash Report: prioritizing classes of service

The Service Desk’s skilled workers are the main interface between different departments and their combined information system. The reactivity and the relevance of the diagnoses of the Service Desk will enable companies to correct any malfunctions as quickly as possible. That’s where a strategic report comes in: The Flash Report.

The service desk and the law of adaptation

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it’s the one most adaptable to change.”
Charles Darwin.
To illustrate this famous quote, let’s take BeMerryCorp, a company within the industrial sector, as an example. BeMerryCorp has international subsidiaries (head offices, warehouses, etc.), and its service desk must satisfy its employees and its partners (suppliers, B2B clients).

Capacity Planning: to optimize your Service Desk’s diagnostics

The Service Desk is at the heart of the Information Systems department and, more generally, of every company process. Its reactivity and the relevance of its diagnoses will condition its overall performance. Focus on capacity management: Capacity Planning.

Netflow Top Report: a real advantage for your service desk!

Because the service desk is essential to the company’s performance, its ability to respond to users must be optimized. Specific tools have been designed to make this easier: Netflow Top Report is one of them. What is this tool? What added value does it have? Interview with Frédéric Ribes, Service Desk Manager at Maltem Insight Performance.

The Service Desk’s performance: explaining the origins of an incident

Today, a company’s performance depends a great deal on its information system. That’s why the Service Desk is strategic.
It must ensure that the network and applications are working properly, offer good diagnostics and anticipate situations too! Here’s our 2-stage analysis:

The Service Desk at the heart of performance

Do you want to increase your revenues, win new markets and stand out from the crowd? What if one of the keys to success was (also) hiding in a department that is more strategic than it seems: the Service Desk? In our next white paper, we will take a look at this high value-added department.

Maltem Insight Performance & at Microsoft Experiences ‘17

Maltem Insight Performance & at Microsoft Experiences ’17.
Incidents and slowdowns affecting network infrastructures and applications have serious consequences for your organizations. But what if you could predict and prevent them?

Performance analysis and crisis management

Did you know that 70% of employees are disengaged*? How can you make action meaningful, particularly in times of crisis? How can you ensure your teams are united and the company’s image remains stable during a reorganization, transition or merger?

ITIL Method and Governance

Digital performance accounts for half of a company’s success. So how can you achieve this essential performance? How does successful governance help to achieve it? And what if ITIL best practices could enable you to achieve your objectives?

Performance analysis at the heart of governance

1 minute: that’s the maximum amount of patience in the digital world. Make users wait any longer than that and they move on. Digital performance includes measuring application performance and user experience through to governance.

Application scripts and the user experience: an analyst’s view

Maltem Insight Performance creates application scripts to assess the user experience. IT engineer Ana Peñalba runs these scripts, which precisely simulate the user experience, and analyzes the obtained results.

User experience and digital transformation

The new holy grail for companies is the user experience. Hyperconnectivity has made us impatient, demanding consumers. We want to have remarkable and memorable experiences at all costs. We have even entered what we call the experience economy.

Optimize your business by managing business applications

Optimize your business by managing business applications. We have identified 5 key points for managing their performance.

Managed Service: a beneficial outsourcing solution

IT decision makers are increasingly inclined to choose outsourcing due to its financial and human benefits for the company and its employees. Here are some good reasons to choose a managed service.

Three secrets to the perfect love affair with your CRM

The CRM knows that gaining influence and winning over your customers is important to you so it helps you to monitor their every move (website, call center, social networks) and precisely analyze their expectations.

IT incidents in companies

Virus, hardware fault, human error… 2016 had its fair share of IT incidents. How much does this cost? Causes and consequences of the main scourge affecting IS departments.

Application scripts and digital transformation: our expert’s point of view

Application scripts are key tools for IT performance monitoring, particularly when it comes to the digital transformation of companies. They are essential for testing the transition from thick clients (local) to thin clients (web).

Sodexo chose Maltem Insight Performance to monitor its IT performance

Feedback interview   Sodexo, world leader in quality of life services, has been a flagship customer of Maltem Insight Performance (MIP) for 6 years. So why did this listed multinational company choose to outsource IT performance monitoring? Global Network & Telecom Director Cyril Briard tells us his view of this fully transparent outsourcing model.   […]

Application performance analysis in industry

Why is application performance measurement necessary but inadequate? Because although the measurement informs us, it does not enable us to interpret or anticipate. The ultimate aim of an information system is to aid growth by ensuring the right decisions are made at the right time. Imagine your trucks are stuck at the garage because they […]

Managed service: which solution for optimizing ROI?

Faced with the numerous challenges of digital transformation, IT decision makers often have to choose between facilities management or potentially uncontrolled recruitment.

42. Our trainee Guillaume Torresani tells us about himself…

Guillaume has come to us from 42, an innovative and atypical French school which is private, free of charge and open to everyone, with peer-to-peer learning focusing on collaborative projects and working.

Cloud performance management: successfully help your users with the digital transformation process

Your users are now your customers. Are you studying these new projects or working with production on cloud services? If so, he is your man.

Alaloop has a make-over to become… Maltem Insight Performance

Alaloop is completing its transformation in the group and changing its name to Maltem Insight Performance. The third subsidiary of the Maltem group is bold and attentive to the complex problems of the IT and Business decision makers it helps with their digital transformation on a daily basis.  

SeleniumConf UK 2016

SeleniumConf brings together the creators, project participants and functional application testing enthusiasts of the open source “Selenium WebDriver”.

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