Managerial reporting

Managerial reporting

Do you need to make information tangible and present it to justify projects or observe their success?

Use independent measurements and let yourself be guided by our experts. They will develop a customized environment for you including all the performance management dashboards required for informed management based on concrete information.

You will benefit from a high-level view of changes to your network and application architectures covering a broad scope and can manage the progress of your projects and make the right decisions at the right time.

You are able to answer the following types of questions:

How much bandwidth was consumed by all my sites last month?

Has there been an increase compared with the previous quarter?

What performance improvement has been seen by all my worldwide users following the migration of my software suite?

Managerial reporting includes:

  • Performance management
  • Overall management and monitoring of your information system
  • Overview and analysis in the different areas
  • Strategic management based on the analysis of these reports
  • Resource optimization through overall monitoring
  • Prediction of bottlenecks/stumbling blocks
  • Overall management of your service contracts/service levels
  • View of major trends affecting your operations
  • Functional support for report implementation
  • Integration into Excel on a dedicated web platform on institutional BI-type reporting tools (e.g.Qlik, etc.)
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