Manage cloud/cloud native migrations

Manage cloud/cloud native migrations

“There is the theory and then there is the practice!”

New uses and the need to streamline costs and resources require certain (sometimes major) changes to be made:

Do you want to migrate your internally hosted servers to a Cloud data center (AWS, Azure, IBM Softlayer, etc.) ?

Are you planning to use full Internet or hybrid networks?

Are you going to migrate certain “critical” applications to the cloud (SAP, Office 365, Sharepoint, Google Apps, Salesforce, etc.)?

But how will this affect your additional services?

Will the delivered service be as good as expected (SLA)?

Backed by proven experience in numerous projects with key international accounts, our APM (Application Performance Management) solution enables you to:

  • Define the performance of each service
  • Have an assessment of delivered services prior to migration
  • Performance management dashboard: before, during and after migration
  • Receive help with acceptance testing during migration
  • Collate similar experiences in the user club to compile indicators to illustrate that “it was better before”!